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Available roles

Chief of Staff / Operations

  • Works with the CEO and core function heads to drive critical projects, analyze financials and KPIs, take ownership of various day-to-day responsibilities across the business, and can drive decisions for and monitor inventory and manufacturing operations.
  • Must understand concepts in bizops, product management, finance, and strategy, to be able to run delegated projects in those areas.
  • Provides estaff and key stakeholders with actionable insights across the business.
  • Oversees initiatives from conception to completion.
  • Needs to understand the startup environment, and not be hoping for big-company resources. If you see a problem, you solve the problem and communicate the solution clearly.
  • Self starting, with excellent coordination and organization skills, capable of dealing with various personalities under stress.
  • Must be deeply entrepreneurial, have an athletic mindset, and a voracious appetite to learn in all areas of the business.
  • Must enjoy parachuting into the company's most weighty challenges...wants to feel a sense of ownership and a desire to be on the forefront of the thorniest issues.
  • Excellent communication skills required, as is deep humility -- no BS, must communicate succinctly with no flourish or desire to impress. Some degree of battle-hardening is required. (Ex-consultants must have had some time actually behind the wheel, etc.)

Experience: MBA + some real world experience preferred: ideal candidates have 2 years experience pre-MBA plus 2-3 years post MBA in operating roles, or are coming off of roles as analysts at venture funds.

Ideal candidates are those looking to grow into company generalists, on path to become Director of Ops to COO path, or to become a future founder/CEO and get their hands really deep into the ground now.

Location: As a core member of the leadership team, the ability to be onsite frequently in the Pleasanton headquarters is mandatory -- keeping in mind that we have flexible hours, unlimited vacation, and support remote work wherever possible and consistent with the duties of the role.

Business Development Lead

  • Will drive our direct sales efforts from prospecting to closing, working cheek-by-jowl with our customer experience team and our executives.
  • Needs excellent ability to succeed in the ever-changing waters of an early-stage startup without the sales enablement and support tools that late-stage companies provide.
  • Ability to hone pitch/messaging as customer-facing conversations evolve with the solution
  • Works hard to prospect and close their own pipeline, rather than delegate to others.
  • Will help recruit and manage a small team of BDRs -- initially very small -- who will share the pipeline.
  • Responsible for driving our design partnership program, MSP (channel) recruitment, maintaining warm and ongoing relations with our largest corporate accounts, and for driving deals to close through a low-pressure, consultative sales process.
  • In it for the stock: committed to the long-term success of the overall company. Nevertheless, will be eligible for some commissions/bonuses, spiffs, and accelerators as those programs are put into place.
  • Can also lead strategic relationships with certain non-customer partners on a case-by-case basis as a corporate sponsor.
  • Must have credibility in every meeting whether it be a network engineer or the CIO, Fortune 50 to tiny local business. Target contact points typically wear the title of Director of Infrastructure or Head of Networking, depending on company scale.
  • Must be able to handle the various parts of selling physical products with ease and finesse, including understanding the customers' deployment schedules and integrating that into our limited availability. Can manage unexpected changes deftly
  • Exceptional presentation and communication skills, with enough technical understanding to guide the customer.
  • Able to drive pipeline management and forecasting based on the state of each relationship, and can work with the Chief of Staff on sales KPIs. Must be adept at SFDC, Excel pipeline spreadsheets, and other typical sales tools.

Experience: 8+ years of proven business development or sales with an understanding of marketing and lead gen.

Ideal candidates are looking to grow into Dir./VP of BD.

Location: The ability to attend some regular meetings, all important meetings, and host EBCs at our Pleasanton headquarters is required, but remote work in between is totally fine.